June 12th, 2018

hmmmmmmmmmmm whatcha plannin there sev...... what could it be.......!

And as usual, if you vote, you can get an extra doodle, with a bit of additional nonsense from our friends here!

OH HEY ALSO!! Heroes Con is this weekend!!! I feel, very unprepared and I'm not sure I have enough books??? BUT I'LL BE THERE!! @u@ COME BY AND SAY HI!!

Comment by Fal

Me at panel 1: Oh, I didn't see it coming. Moonwolves? Oh, they're not human traffickers after all, they probably only mean to "fix" them (whether the result would please the prisoners remains to be seen, but the intention is good).
Me at panel 3: Oh, I didn't see it coming. They're trying to use them as magical fuel for some magic thing?
Me at panel 4: ... not surprised.

A shapeshifter changes also odor? That shouldn't be surprising, but I hadn't thought about it.


posted at 6:41am on June 12th, 2018

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