March 21st, 2017


Hello again everyone!! Thanks for bearing with me during the time off -- apparently my body had been waiting for JUST SUCH AN OCCASION to suddenly become ill so I definitely needed it. @u@

And thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came by to see me at ECCC! It was awesome meeting everyone -- THERE WERE SOME PEOPLE WHO JUST??? GAVE ME ART????? Ya'll are too cool!! (Also, you can vote on TWC to get a look at the cool art in question!!)

Comment by Kiri

Oh hey dang, Xira, your hair is really pretty. :O I LOVE HOW DANG RUDE JONAN IS HERE THO. MAN. THAT FACE. JONAN DOES NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS. (I wonder what he was thinking there omg.)

Also also I just realised past 2013 me drawing Sev from memory thought he had monster feet OH WELL.


posted at 12:08am on March 21st, 2017

Reply by Shweta Narayan

Jonan's been waiting for these kids to all be on the same page about things for like twenty pages now and he is so very DONE

...Also I love the part where he thinks SEV could tell on him, as he currently is :D


posted at 6:53am on March 21st, 2017

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