July 1st, 2013

"I was really hesitant to draw a comic about two characters who haven't met yet, but this idea got stuck in my head and against ALL MY BETTER SENSIBILITIES (including yes hi let me draw your two most complicated characters and also color them this will be fun! (AND IT WAS but)) I had to draw it."

AND IT IS GREAT AND I KIND OF REALLY LOVE IT??? Alternate title: Nobody But Esra Would Ever Be Able to Deal with Being Quentin's Assistant.

Kiriska is fantastic and terrifyingly fast and you can find her work on her website, her deviantart, or her tumblr where she sketches every day! GO FORTH.

ALSO CHECK IT OUT GUYS Kiri even made a vote incentive for you of some of her sketches and it's really cute:

Vote Incentive for This Comic.