October 1st, 2015


HERE'S THE DEAL: I've got a good buffer going now and working on pages has been going pretty well and I really think it's time to move forward, so let's take the jump! Lord willing, RUNEWRITERS UPDATES RESUME THIS JANUARY!
If anything crazy and unexpected happens, I have enough of a buffer that I think I can confidently say that we'll be able to finish out Chapter 3 at the least, but I'm super excited for everything to come, so let's go as far as we can! :D

Thanks to everyone for your patience and encouragement and support!! You guys really are the best readers ever and I am so grateful for you all!! ; u ;

Naturally, this makes the next few months a great time to catch up and/or remember what was going on, but if you're not into archive binging, next month I'm planning to set up the Runewriters Tumblr to post pages from the archives regularly enough to get you caught up by January, so feel free to follow there, too! :D

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