February 20th, 2018

The ol' deadly combination of a) goofing off for one(1) day, then (b) suddenly having several errands come up that I had to help out with so I didn't have as much time as expected, followed by (c) suddenly getting knocked out physically while trying to catch up struck me this past week, so the page is gonna go up next week so I can catch up without murdering my hand!!

I felt bad you guys were missing out on vaguely Jonan related content, though, so here's some vaguely Jonan-related content to hold you over!!

Obligatory plug: If you enjoy asking my characters inane questions, reminder that I answer these kinds of questions every month over on my patreon for $5 backers!! Also included: the ability to see concept sketches and first drafts of my scripts at $1, and the ability to hang out with me while I draw your requests at $3! FUN TIMES ALL AROUND!!! okay plug over THANK U ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE, you are all the best, WE WILL RESUME NEXT WEEK!!

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