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Other Comics That Are Awesome

The Meek

Utterly beautiful painted fantasyish comic. I don't know much about what's going on yet, but suffice to say it is VERY intriguing! Did I mention it's beautiful?

The Locked Maze

Such a gorgeously tapestry-esque style! It is about old-world faeries and death and has a really awesome mythos to it.

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name

Ahhhh this comic, so beautifully graphic and OH THE TYPOGRAPHY! Also the characters are really amazing.

Order of the Stick

Sure, it's a D&D comic, and that's awesome. But it's also got, without hyperbole, some of THE best storytelling I have ever witnessed. Seriously.

Homestuck (MS Paint Adventures)

The only way I know how to describe this one is "an occasionally animated webcomic that pretends it's a game." Starts out awfully slow, I know, but it's worth the wait; I have laughed out loud in fits and I love every character.

Fey Winds

If you enjoy Runewriters, Fey Winds is probably right up your alley. Kit is supposed to be a fox, but she's been turned into a girl, and every main character suffers from an inane curse of some variety. AND TOGETHER THEY MUST SAVE THE WORLD?


A loudmouth little girl and a clueless mute bounty hunter. The perfect duo! It is embarrassingly obvious why I enjoy this comic, and that Feral is my favourite character.

Cucumber Quest

Oh gosh, this comic is (a) awfully funny, (b) really lovely to look at, and (c) super cute! It feels as much like Super Mario RPG as it is possible for a comic about bunny-adventurers to feel.